A Guide for Yachters: The Best Mediterranean Islands

Yachting in the Mediterranean offers many opportunities to experience the beauty, nightlife, history, culture, and beaches; but how to choose which islands to visit? This guide will help boaters discover which islands are best for their needs, whether they are seeking a dance party, a romantic meal, an exotic black-sand beach, or to learn about architecture, culture and customs. Here are the best of the Mediterranean islands and what makes them so.


Celebrity watchers should set sail to Capri, where VIPs have come for decades – back when Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly and the like first discovered its beauty. Today super yachts of the rich and famous cruise the Mediterranean heading for Capri, where they can explore the rocks Faralyoni, dive in the Blue Grotto, or visit the 18th century church of San Michele in Anacapri.


This beautiful island in the Balearic Islands is decorated in white and blue, little white houses tucked neatly between the blue Mediterranean and the clear blue sky. Ibiza attracts celebrities, particularly because of its vibrant nightlife. While yachting in Ibiza, but sure to take a moment to watch the sun set before heading out to Café del Mar or the various clubs where the day begins after the sun sets.


Simply exquisite, this picturesque island is regal in her mountain landscapes, rocky ledges, and sandy beaches. It draws the Hollywood crowd as well as the average Joe. Those interested in architecture should visit Castle Belver and the cathedral of Santa Maria de Palma de Mallorca. For a relaxing choice, attend one of the sea therapies the let the sea waters take away your stress and make you feel younger and more alive.


The unique landscape and black sand beaches of Santorini draw visitors each and every year. Known as the jewel of the Cyclades, this location offers a typically Greek style with little white houses accented in bright blue all perched along the ridge of the caldera. Because of its volcanic history, many of the beaches have a fine, dark sand that is a striking complement to the white structures and blue waters. The Kokini Paralia is a unique red beach on the island that is a must-see. History lovers will want to climb the mountain to reach the Prophet Elijah monastery which dates to the 18th century.


This, the largest island in the Mediterranean, also has the most to explore and the widest variety of culture, cuisine, and attractions. The capital of Palermo is a must see. Additional attractions include the Ortiga Peninsula, the Greek castles in Agrigento, and the beaches of Tsefalu. Try a night walk to the top of Mount Etna; the view is worth the experience.

So set sail towards the Mediterranean for a vacation of island-hopping, and if you don’t already have your own sailing or motor yacht, why not? Paradise awaits.

Explore the Mediterranean Islands of Greece and Cyclades

Greece and Cyclades are known for their ancient history, culture and mythology. For decades now these have lured thousands of tourists from across the world to get their share of this enchanting location. The Mediterranean offers a chance to explore the coastline of Greece and find some of the best hidden islands. The sight of the bright white houses dotted along the coast everywhere is a classic Greek greeting to everyone who comes here.

There are so many islands, small and big along the coastline that the best way to explore it all is through Yacht charter Greece which would allow you to visit a new island and a new port every single day. Greece yacht charters offer you the chance to experience the classic Mediterranean culture in a true luxury style. Some of the best places in Greece and Cyclades to visit are:

* Kea- the island of Kea is still very well hidden from the tourists which is what adds to its charm. This quiet little island has beautiful beaches, hills and valleys that are filled with orchards and dotted with almond, oak and olive trees. The beaches here are exceptionally beautiful and secluded.

* Mykonos- Mykonos is very well known for its glittering nightlife. The atmosphere here is really vibrant and alive with the youthful crowd walking around the narrow streets, the colorful markets, the many pubs, bars and clubs that are dotted along the beautiful beaches.

* Delos: Delos is situated quite close to Mykonos and is the most important archeological site in Greece. The island has some very important archeological sites that date back to centuries and a museum that showcases its history.

* Ios- Ios is again known for its vibrant crowds and its party culture. There are numerous bars and clubs here lined at the beach and the center of the city and the beaches here are known to be the ones that attract the most stylish people from around the world.

* Sifnos- the island of Sifnos has a rugged charm with its string of hills that surrounds the island. Sifnos has plenty of small villages where life is still lived the ancient Mediterranean way and there are plenty of orchards and hillsides that are covered with aromatic herbs.

* Kythnos- this island is still very secluded and does not attract throngs of visitors. The Island has several small villages that have character and the charm that a truly Mediterranean island must have. Life here is very relaxed and there are a number of beaches here that have perfect white sand and sparkling azure waters.

The islands in Greece and Cyclades can leave you mesmerized by their sheer beauty and their enchanting culture, anyone who comes here once will surely be touched by the abundant natural beauty here.

Mediterranean Cruises Are the Perfect Getaway

Mediterranean cruises are truly fabulous vacations. There is such a wide and diverse selection of Mediterranean islands from which you choose to visit that its hard to choose which island to try first. The birth of civilization was born in and around the Mediterranean Sea, and as a result, cultural excursions are extremely popular in the islands.

A cruise to the Mediterranean is an experience that is not easily forgotten. They can also be rather seductive, especially with all of the bargains available that you can find online. Mediterranean cruise ships are also available to people of all ages. The beauty of the European continent and islands around the Mediterranean will make you want to go back and visit them all over again.

These cruises are pretty diverse, so you are almost certain to find one that is best suited to your particular preferences. They are becoming more and more popular all over the world, with over 50 companies sailing 100 ships in the bright blue Mediterranean Sea.

Cruises in the Mediterranean will typically last anywhere from seven to ten nights, and they will depart from places such as Genoa, Venice, Barcelona and Southampton — divided separately along both east and west lines.

Mediterranean cruises are the best way to travel around the Mediterranean Sea. You get to visit fascinating towns and sights, and your hotel room will follow you along the way, as well as your unpacked clothes and your new travel companions. They are the perfect idea for a holiday getaway, no matter how many people are in your party. Cruise rates are also incredibly low these days, giving families the opportunity to sail away on an all inclusive holiday that they will hold dear for an eternity.